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Kodiak Solar Valve

Keep your solar collectors and exposed pipes from freezing with the Kodiak solar freeze protection valve.

This Kodiak product contains a thermal actuator that opens the valve when the temperature approaches freezing and re-closes it upon warm up.  This is a continuous process of modulation; cold water is discharged and replaced by warmer water preventing panel and piping freeze up.

Our valve has a patented feature which prevents the seizing of the thermal actuator; a common problem among other freeze protection valves offered by our competition.



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Product Features

  • Discharge Temperature set to 35F and 45F
  • Internal Filter Screen
  • UV Stabilized body material
  • FDA and NSF listed materials
  • 100 psi maximum operating pressure
  • Complete mechanical operation
  • Small size for easy install
  • Tamper resistant design
  • Corrosion resistant materials
  • Non-electric function
  • Screen protected anti-insect discharge port
  • Anti seize feature ensuring longevity and durability


Freeze Protection Valves

Standard Freeze Protection Functions


Part#: KC4500-00-00 (35F Discharge)

Part#: KC4505-00-00 (35F Discharge)

Part#: KC4500-01-00 (45F Discharge)

Part#: KC4505-01-00 (45F Discharge)



Freeze Protection Valves

w/ Pressure Regulation

For those needing freeze protection and pressure regulation; these valves function as a separate pressure relief valve to eliminate dangerous pressure buildup. (Relief Pressure at 100psi)


Part#: KC4500-00-35F/PR (35F Discharge)

Part#: KC4500-01-45F/PR (45F Discharge)